Pro:Idiom & Non-Pro:Idiom Hospitality TVs

TVs made specifically for the Hospitality industry, loaded with Hotel specific features to keep guests entertained. When choosing a Hospitality TV, there are two types to choose from: Pro:Idiom and Non-Pro:Idiom.

Pro:Idiom MPEG4, is an encryption technology that prevents illegal copying of copyrighted content. Required by many of the larger content providers, these TVs are enabled to work with all major 3rd-party content providers like DirecTV, COX, ENSEO, Dish Network and more.

Non-Pro:Idiom Hospitality TVs share many of the same hotel specific features as a Pro:Idiom TV, but can be used when Pro:Idiom encryption isn’t required. Hotels that use a satellite box or set top box, do not always require Pro:Idiom encryption. Check with the programming provider to see if Pro:Idiom TVs are needed.

Hospitality TVs Available