Peerless – Articulating Wall Mount (SA740P)


For 22″ to 40″ flat panel displays.


Product Description

From any angle, this wall arm mount reflects remarkable form and function. Extending the display up to 20.18″ (513mm) from the wall and allowing for a full 180° of side-to-side motion for viewing in any part of the room. Fine-tuning of the installation is simple with its side-to-side display leveling features that help achieve installation perfection. This articulating wall mount also provides display centering on the wall plate and integrates a cable management system, centering the display on the wall when retracted and organizing and protecting the cables at all times. Designed and built-in the USA, this mount maintains the same brilliant look as the entire SmartMount® 700 Series line of articulating wall mounts and pivot wall arm mounts.

  • Full Spec Sheet
  • Compatible with 22″ to 40″ flat panel displays with mounting hole patterns of 75,100, 200 x 100, and 200 x 200mm.
  • Display can be held as close to the wall as 3.35″ (85mm) or be extended as far as 20.18″ (513mm).
  • One-TouchTM tilt mechanism provides up to +15°/-5° of tilt adjustment for achieving the ideal viewing angle.
  • ±5° of roll allows for post installation leveling.
  • Display can be pivoted a full ±90° for obtaining ideal viewing direction.
  • Integrated cable management system makes running cables simple while keeping the cables protected.
  • Display centers on wall plate for easy mount placement.
  • UL Listed for up to 80lb (36kg) load capacity.


Additional Information

Weight 8.4 lbs
Dimensions 4.25 x 13.5 x 10.13 in